SUKOON Insurance (Earlier known as Oman Insurance)

Sukoon Insurance Company is a trusted and innovative provider of insurance solutions, dedicated to ensuring peace of mind and financial security for individuals, families, and businesses. With a commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we have become a leading name in the insurance industry.

Mission: The company’s mission is to provide comprehensive and accessible insurance coverage that empowers clients to protect their assets, health, and loved ones.

Types of Insurance Offered

Individual Insurance

  • Motor

  • Life

  • Health 

  • Home

  • Travel

  • Personal Accident

  • Jetski

  • Yacht

  • Medical malpractice

Business Insurance

  • Motor

  • Life

  • Health 

  • Commercial

  • Trade Credit 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they insure all types of vehicles. The rate varies based on the types of vehicles and policy opted for. 

Yes, comprehensive car insurance from SUKOON covers driving in Oman as well.

Under their motor insurance plans, SUKOON offers the following types of covers:

  • Comprehensive cover, which covers both owner’s vehicle and property damage      including injury and death to any third party.
  • Fire & theft cover.
  • Third-party liability cover.
  • Extension for personal accidents for drivers, family members and passengers. 
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