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Third party insurance explained

Third party car insurance. Simple. Literally. It’s the most basic motor insurance you need to legally drive in the UAE.

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What is third party insurance?

Third party car insurance gets you moving, legally, with less cost than comprehensive cover. However, this basic level insurance may not give you the hassle-free cover you need. With third party insurance in the UAE, sometimes called third party liability insurance, you’re only insured for damage or injury to others (that is, third parties) if you cause an accident. So, you’ll still have to pay from your pocket to cover any damage to your car or property, or injuries to yourself.

Why choose third party insurance?

Low rates, basic cover

It’s an affordable basic insurance that is, by law, the minimum insurance you need to drive a car

Protecting others

It covers third parties who have experienced loss or damage due to an accident you’ve caused

Financial compensation

It provides financial help to compensate others affected by an accident you’ve caused, so you don’t pay the resulting costs yourself

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What does third party insurance cover?

Third party car insurance will cover you for the basics. So, if you’re responsible for an accident, third party insurance will only cover:


Damage to vehicles owned by someone else


Medical bills and liability claims for other people involved in the accident


Damage to property belonging to someone else not traveling with you

Third party insurance will look after any other parties involved, but you’ll still have to cover any damage to yourself or your vehicle if you only have third party insurance.

For example:

If your car strikes a pole… the pole is covered by your third party car insurance, but you and your car are not. Ouch! If your car hits a pedestrian… the pedestrian will be able to claim for their injuries or damage but you’ll have to pay for damage to your car. If you drive into or hit a building with your car… the building is covered by your third party liability insurance, but you and your car are not.

Third party car insurance compared with comprehensive car insurance

We understand – car insurance can be complicated. Choosing the right policy means you need to understand the details, and that can be tricky with so many options. We’ve put together a handy list so you can easily see how third party car insurance compares to comprehensive car insurance.

Third party car insurance

Comprehensive car insurance

Covers everyone else (except the driver) involved in the accident for their medical costs and any damage to their property

Covers all parties and their property and vehicles

Doesn’t cover natural disasters, fire, or theft

Covers natural disasters*, fire, theft, and vandalism, plus other coverages as listed in the policy

Doesn’t cover your own medical bills

Your medical bills are covered to get you up and about in no time (but check your policy details for more information on exactly what’s covered)

If you have an accident, you may find yourself without a car while it’s being fixed

After an accident, we’ll get you straight back on the road with a rental car to keep you mobile

Sorry, you do not get a No Claim Discount with third party insurance

Earn a discount for each year you don’t claim

Third party insurance is a plain and simple policy so, for optional extras, check out comprehensive insurance

Pick and choose from a variety of add-ons to get the cover you need

Just a quick note: The above table is a guide but, as all policies are different, you might want to check your policy gives you everything you need.


- Which is the best car insurance in the UAE?

The best car insurance for UAE citizens is the insurance that most suits your needs – and Shory can help you find it. With policies from leading insurance providers in the UAE, the Shory app or website lets you compare policy features and understand the companies behind those quotes so you can find the best car insurance policy for you.

- How many car insurance providers are there in the UAE?

There are many car insurance providers in the UAE. Trying to figure out which is best for you can be overwhelming. With a car insurance comparison tool such as Shory, you can quickly find the best quotes to meet your needs and compare them for cost and coverage to find the policy that best meets your needs.

- What is car insurance like in Dubai?

In Dubai, and elsewhere in the UAE, car insurance is mandatory if you’re planning to drive on public roads. However, policies all differ. There are comprehensive insurance policies, third party liability policies, and all sorts of policy extensions, so you’ll need to find the best car insurance policy for you. This will depend on your vehicle, your needs, and your budget. A comparison platform like Shory can help you to quickly and easily find and compare car insurance quotes from all of the best car insurance providers in the UAE.

- What are the car insurance companies in the UAE?

In the UAE there are numerous car insurance providers. However, we carefully select the most trusted car insurance providers and policies to give our customers the best options when it comes to choosing car insurance. Take just a few minutes to enter some details in the Shory app and we’ll recommend a range of policies tailored to your requirements.


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