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Last updated on : 21 Feb 2024
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Driving on Abu Dhabi's wonderful roads is a unique experience, and because safety comes first, car insurance plays a vital role in providing security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones in case of any unexpected accidents. The car insurance system in Abu Dhabi has a unique character that includes specific legal requirements. Join us in this comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know about car insurance in Abu Dhabi, and how to choose the best plan that suits your needs and budget.

Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi: A Mandatory Requirement

Laws in Abu Dhabi require all registered vehicles to have mandatory third-party insurance, which covers the material and bodily damages that may be caused to others as a result of an accident you caused, and does not cover any damages to you or your vehicle. The market also offers a variety of insurance companies that provide multiple packages and additional services to meet the needs of drivers in Abu Dhabi.

Types of Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

Car insurance in Abu Dhabi generally falls under two main types:

Third-Party Vehicle Insurance: 

This is a basic mandatory insurance that provides basic coverage in case you cause material and bodily damages to others as a result of a traffic accident. However, it does not cover any damages that occur to you or your vehicle. Third-party insurance is usually cheaper than comprehensive car insurance.

Comprehensive vehicle Insurance: 

It provides broader protection for your car against a wide range of risks, including collisions, theft, fire, natural damages, and disasters. It also covers the cost of repairing your car and your medical expenses in case of any injuries.

Insurance companies in Abu Dhabi offer additional coverages that you can add to your insurance policy for specific fees, such as coverage for Oman or providing a replacement car. Often, insurance companies may also offer some of these additional coverages for free, such as roadside assistance.

Documents Required to Purchase Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi

  • Emirates ID card
  • Driving license
  • Vehicle registration card (Ownership)

How to Purchase Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi?

Compare insurance quotes from insurance companies: Get insurance quotes from different companies and compare prices, coverage, and additional services before making a decision. Our Shory app is the ideal place to do so. Determine the level of coverage and additional services that fit your budget and your car's needs. We facilitate easy purchase and payment. 

Why Choose Shory to Purchase the Best Car Insurance in Abu Dhabi?

Shory offers a distinguished experience for purchasing car insurance in Abu Dhabi through:

  • Quick and simple purchasing process: Get insurance quotes from various insurance companies in real-time, compare the quotes, and purchase the document that suits you in less than 90 seconds. Through our website or mobile app.

  • 100% online: The entire insurance purchase process is done online without the need to download any documents or exit the app, and without human intervention.

  • Competitive prices and exclusive offers: We guarantee you the best price for insuring your car by collaborating with leading insurance companies.

  • Customize your document as you wish: You can add additional coverages and customize your insurance document to suit your needs.
  • Instant issuance of insurance documents: With Shory, you will get your insurance document instantly anytime, anywhere.
  • World-class customer service: Our specialized team provides full support and guidance throughout your car insurance journey.

  • Smooth claims management: We provide you with an easy and smooth claims experience at any time.

What Shory Customers Say? 

Shory has received a rating of 4.9 on Google. This is evidence of its commitment to providing exceptional services to its customers and its continuous effort to maintain their satisfaction and trust.

Additional Coverage and Insurance Upgrades in Abu Dhabi

In addition to basic coverages, a variety of additional coverages are available that you can add to your car insurance plan for an additional fee, including:

  • Personal accidents: Cover the costs of your treatment in case of bodily injuries resulting from an accident.
  • Passenger coverage: This provides protection for other passengers in your car in case they are injured.
  • Fire and theft cover: Protects your car from material losses caused by fire or theft.
  • Front glass and headlights: Cover the cost of replacing or repairing the front glass and headlights.
  • Roadside assistance: Get assistance in case your car breaks down on the road.
  • Replacement car: Get a replacement car to use while your car is being repaired.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

No, the law only requires third-party insurance, but it is highly recommended to get comprehensive coverage to fully protect yourself and your property.

No. Third-party insurance only covers damages caused by your vehicle to the other party.

The cost of car insurance in Abu Dhabi is not fixed, as several factors affect the cost of insurance, such as: Car’s age, Car type, Market value of the car, Type of insurance and coverage, Driver's age and Driver's driving record.