The Benefits of Having Health Insurance in Dubai

Last updated on : 11 Jul 2024
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In the dynamic landscape of Dubai, where healthcare costs are escalating, securing health insurance has transcended necessity to become a cornerstone of financial prudence. The bustling metropolis offers world-class healthcare services, yet the surging costs of medical treatments have made health insurance an indispensable safeguard. Contrary to common belief, health insurance in Dubai extends beyond mere hospitalization coverage, presenting an array of benefits that are both nuanced and contemporary. In this article, we delve into the manifold advantages of having health insurance in Dubai, exploring beyond the conventional to offer a comprehensive understanding of the current health insurance landscape.

Comprehensive Coverage: What's Covered? 

Inpatient Care

Envelops hospitalization expenses for treatments, surgeries, consultations, and overnight procedures.

Extensive coverage includes room and board, nursing care, anesthesia, and medications during hospital stays.

Outpatient Care

Embraces medical treatments and consultations without the need for hospitalization.

Covers doctor visits, diagnostic tests, laboratory services, and prescribed medications.

Maternity Care

Provides all-encompassing support, covering prenatal care, delivery, postnatal care, and newborn care.

Ensures holistic care for both mother and baby throughout and after pregnancy.

Dental and Optical Care

Tailored coverage for routine check-ups, cleanings, fillings, dental procedures, prescription eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

Varied plans offer extensive coverage, including treatments for eye conditions and more intricate dental procedures.

Preventive Care

Prioritizes regular health check-ups, vaccinations, screenings for chronic conditions, and robust wellness programs.

A forward-thinking approach to maintaining good health and identifying potential health issues early.

Mental Health Care

Reflecting the evolving landscape, many Dubai health insurance plans now include coverage for mental health treatments like counseling, psychotherapy, and psychiatric care.

Basic Health Insurance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

In compliance with the law, employers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are obligated to furnish workers earning less than Dh4,000 ($1,089) per month with a basic level of health insurance known as the Essential Benefits Plan. This mandatory coverage ensures access to essential healthcare services for qualified individuals. Workers with higher incomes have the option to avail themselves of more comprehensive health insurance plans provided by their employers, which may include extended coverage such as dental and optical benefits and access to a broader network of hospitals.

The basic health insurance coverage in Abu Dhabi encompasses up to Dh250,000 worth of care, with pharmacy expenses limited to Dh1,500 annually. Meanwhile, in Dubai, the basic plan has an annual limit of Dh150,000, with a pharmacy cap set at Dh1,500.

While the Essential Benefits Plan addresses crucial healthcare needs, it's essential to note that some services are not covered. Regular dentistry and ophthalmology check-ups are excluded, although emergency dental and eye care are covered. Certain psychiatric conditions and dementia are not part of the coverage, but existing ailments, excluding allergies, can be treated under the basic insurance plan.

Will Your Family Be Covered in an Employer Provided Health Insurance? 

Regarding family coverage, Abu Dhabi mandates that an employer extends health insurance coverage to the employee and up to three dependents, including children. In Dubai, the legal requirement only necessitates health insurance coverage for the employee, with sponsors responsible for obtaining additional coverage for dependents.

If the required care exceeds the coverage provided by the basic health insurance plan, both government and private hospitals offer a range of treatments. Additionally, a Basmah patient support program in Dubai provides further assistance for cancer and hepatitis treatments, particularly for low-income workers. Eligible expatriate workers in Dubai under the Essential Benefits Plan can receive unlimited coverage for specific cancer treatments through the Basmah scheme.

While mandatory health insurance has not been introduced for workers in the Northern Emirates, government initiatives and charitable organizations, such as Friends of Cancer Patients or the Rahma Cancer Patient Care Society, often step in to support those who cannot afford their treatment. Private hospitals may also conduct free diagnostic and screening campaigns for low-income workers, occasionally offering complimentary check-ups for dentistry and optical care. It's important to note that the rules regarding health insurance in the Northern Emirates may evolve in the future.


In the evolving landscape of Dubai's healthcare, opting for a comprehensive health insurance policy is a sagacious decision that transcends conventional coverage. Beyond safeguarding health, it forms an integral part of financial well-being, offering a contemporary safety net in the face of unpredictable medical events. By delving into and leveraging the diverse benefits offered, individuals and families can seamlessly access quality healthcare without the looming fear of financial strain.

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