Types of Insurance Available on Shory.com

Last updated on : 16 May 2024
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At Shory.com, we've carefully put together a range of insurance options that cover both individuals and businesses. Our deliberate inclusion of both Corporate and Individual Insurance stems from a deep-seated commitment to addressing the unique needs of our diverse clientele comprehensively. At Shory.com, we recognize that safeguarding what matters most requires a tailored approach, prompting us to offer a thoughtful spectrum of insurance options to cater to the multifaceted requirements of both individuals and businesses. Let's take a closer look at both types of insurance and how each one is designed to help you feel secure about what matters most to you.

Individual Insurance

Within our Individual Insurance category, Shory.com embraces a personalized approach to cater to the unique requirements of our clients. Our Car Insurance services extend coverage to both UAE and non-UAE vehicles, with the specialized Shory Aber service facilitating insurance for non-UAE vehicles from Saudi Arabia. Whether one opts for conventional insurance or Takaful policies, Shory.com ensures a comprehensive coverage plan designed to accommodate the diverse needs of individuals residing in the UAE.

Corporate Insurance

Businesses seeking to fortify their assets and personnel find a comprehensive suite of options within Shory.com's corporate insurance offerings. Encompassing Group Health and Life Insurance, Group Life Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, Marine & Aviation Insurance, Motor Fleet Insurance, and Financial Lines or Specialty Insurance, each type is meticulously crafted to address specific needs, affording businesses a robust safety net against potential risks.

Corporate Insurance Types Available on Shory.com

Group Health and Life Insurance: Tailored for businesses prioritizing the well-being of their employees.

Personal Accident Insurance: A financial safety net in the event of accidents, ensuring the welfare of the insured.

Property and Casualty Insurance: Shields businesses from property damage and liability risks.

Marine & Aviation Insurance: Mitigates potential losses linked to maritime and aviation operations.

Motor Fleet Insurance: Tailored for businesses managing a fleet of vehicles, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage.

Financial Lines or Specialty Insurance: Custom solutions addressing unique risks encountered by businesses.

Choosing the Right Insurance

The significance of choosing the right insurance cannot be overstated. Individuals and businesses alike must exercise caution regarding certain policies and insurance brokers. Shory.com recommends steering clear of policies laden with hidden fees, ambiguous terms, and insufficient coverage. Opting for reputable insurance brokers with a proven track record ensures transparency and reliability in service. But if you need an extra hand in finalizing your purchase, you can always contact us


In summary, Shory.com stands as the ultimate destination for all car insurance and business insurance needs. Our unwavering dedication to providing a diverse array of insurance options, coupled with transparent and reliable services, establishes us as the trusted choice for individuals and businesses alike. Secure your future with Shory.com, where comprehensive coverage converges with peace of mind.

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