Things to Know Before Having Your Car Repaired 

Last updated on : 15 Mar 2024
4 min read

Having a car means convenience and freedom for most drivers. It also means taking on responsibilities of maintenance and timely repairs. When it comes to entrusting your vehicle to a mechanic, for either a checkup or a significant repair it can sometimes feel intimidating. To make sure the repair goes smoothly without any hassle it's crucial to be well informed. In this guide we will take you through all the aspects that you should be aware of before getting your car repaired. This will help you make better decisions by ensuring the best kind of care for your car.

1. Conduct  Thorough Research

Conduct research to find a workshop for your car repairs. Check reviews, ask for recommendations from friends or car enthusiasts and consult established forums. Look for dealerships or popular independent workshops that are known for their excellent services and skilled technicians. Shory also provides a list of garages to refer to that you may check out here. 

2. Go for Verified Service Providers Only

Before entrusting your vehicle to a workshop make sure to verify its credentials. Ensure that they are registered with the authorities in the UAE and hold a valid license. This step ensures that your car will be handled by professionals who follow regulations.

3. Compare Prices

Obtain cost estimates from workshops so you can accurately compare prices for both parts and labor. Be cautious of quotes as they may indicate compromising the quality of work or hidden charges.

4. Understand the Issue Properly

Take the time to understand the repairs needed for your car by conducting research or consulting with your chosen workshop. Having knowledge about the issue empowers you to make right decisions, avoid faulty repairs and effectively communicate with the technicians.

5. Opt for Original Replacement Part

Ask the workshop if they use manufacturer parts for replacements. While aftermarket alternatives may be cheaper, using original parts ensures performance and longevity. UAEs challenging weather conditions again emphasize the importance of using the right components.

6. Clarify Warranty and Guarantee

Trustworthy workshops provide warranties, for both replacement parts and labor. It is advisable to give preference to workshops that have well defined terms and conditions regarding warranty.

7. Discuss Repair Timeline

Engage in a conversation with the workshop about the estimated time it will take for repairs. This information will help you plan your transportation and daily activities accordingly. Inquire about any delays and how they will be communicated to you.

8. Transparent Communication on Budget

Be transparent about your budget constraints from the beginning. A reliable workshop will collaborate with you to find cost effective solutions without compromising safety or quality. Open communication prevents strain on both parties.

9. Obtain Written Authorization

Before starting the repairs request a written authorization document that clearly outlines the agreed upon repairs, costs and terms. Review it carefully to avoid any discrepancies in the future.

10. Stay Engaged Throughout the Process

Maintain lines of communication with the workshop throughout the repair process. Regular updates ensure that you are informed about progress made and any changes to the plan. Staying engaged demonstrates your dedication towards achieving repairs.


Having the right kind of information can make the car repair process in the UAE much easier. By keeping these tips in mind you can confidently make informed choices by opting for authorized garages and workshops only for your vehicle’s repairs. It's crucial to do research, communicate openly with the workshop and prioritize quality service when choosing where to go. With these insights you can trust that your car will be well taken care of and perform at its best on the roads of the UAE. 

Disclaimer: Shory aims to present accurate and up to date information, however we take no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content.