Steps to Take After Your Number Plate Goes Missing

Last updated on : 06 May 2024
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Identifying vehicles through number plates is crucial for legal and safety reasons in Dubai. Driving without one is a serious offense that incurs fines and black points. If your number plate is missing, stolen, or damaged in Dubai, prompt action is necessary to avoid legal consequences. Here's a fresh look at what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Section 1: Applying for a Lost Number Plate in Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai offers a streamlined process for reissuing lost, stolen, or damaged number plates. The following steps and essential documents are needed to avail the RTA lost number plate service.

Documents Required:

  • Original Emirates ID

  • Company letter

  • Police report (if stolen)

  • Original damaged number plates (if applicable)

Ways to Apply:

Once you have the required documents, you can apply for the service digitally via the official website or physically at Customer Happiness Centre's.

Digital Application:

  • Log in to the RTA’s official website.

  • Enter ‘Number Plate’ and ‘Code.’

  • Select ‘Replacing Lost or Damaged Plates.’

  • Provide necessary information and pay the required fee.

  • Receive the new number plate from the nearest center.

Physical Application:

  • Visit the nearest Customer Happiness Centre.

  • Approach the front desk for assistance.

  • Upload necessary documents through the provided link and receive a transaction code.

  • Provide the code to the front desk, sign the application electronically.

  • Submit the required fee and receive the new number plate within 10 minutes.

Section 2: Fees for RTA Number Plate Lost Service

Reissuing lost, stolen, or damaged number plates incurs the following fees:

  • AED 35 for a short plate

  • AED 50 for a long plate

  • AED 500 for a luxury plate

  • AED 25 for a short motorcycle plate

  • AED 50 for a vehicle registration card

  • AED 100 for the special Expo plate

  • AED 20 knowledge fee (if service charges exceed AED 50)

Section 3: Terms and Conditions for Applying for Lost Number Plate

Vehicle owners must adhere to the following terms and conditions when applying for a new number plate:

  • The owner or their legal representative must be physically present during the application.

  • For damaged plates, the original must be provided.

  • If the plate is missing or stolen in another GCC country, submit a letter with the official police stamp of that country.

Section 4: Consequences of Driving with a Damaged or Missing Number Plate

Driving without a number plate is strictly prohibited, resulting in fines of AED 3,000 and 24 black points. In severe cases, the vehicle may be confiscated for 90 days. Familiarize yourself with recent traffic fines and laws in Dubai to prevent such incidents.

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