Salik Traffic Toll System in Dubai - What is it and How Does it Work? 

Last updated on : 27 Feb 2024
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Dubai is renowned for its robust infrastructure, thriving economy, and seamless transportation systems. At the heart of this efficient transportation network lies the Salik system, a groundbreaking innovation that has revolutionized the way people move within the country. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Salik system; what is it and how does it work? 

What is the Salik System?

Salik, which means ‘clear’ or ‘open’ in Arabic, is an innovative electronic toll collection system introduced in the UAE in 2007. The primary purpose of Salik is to reduce traffic congestion and enhance the efficiency of the road network in Dubai. The system operates by automatically deducting toll fees from a prepaid account when a registered vehicle passes through designated toll gates.

How Does the Salik System Work?

The Salik system utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline traffic and toll collection. Here's how it works:

Salik Tags: Vehicle owners must install a small, discrete Salik tag on their windshields. This tag contains a microchip that communicates with the toll gates. You don’t need to slow down while passing a Salik toll gate.

Toll Gates: The UAE has strategically placed toll gates on major roads and bridges, including Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Maktoum Bridge and Al Garhoud Bridge. As a vehicle with a Salik tag approaches a toll gate, the system detects the tag's presence.

Automatic Deduction: Once detected, the Salik system automatically deducts the toll fee from the vehicle owner's prepaid Salik account. This process takes mere seconds, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted journey.

Account Management: Vehicle owners can manage their Salik accounts through their online portal, where they can top up their balance, check transaction history, and update account details.

Salik Toll Gate Locations

  • Al Safa (Sheikh Zayed Road)

  • Al Barsha  (Sheikh Zayed Road)

  • Al Garhoud Bridge (Sheikh Rashid Road)

  • Al Maktoum Bridge (Umm Hurair Road)

  • Al Mamzar North (Al Ittihad Road)

  • Al Mamzar South (Al Ittihad Road)

  • Airport Tunnel (Beirut Street)

  • Jebel Ali (Sheikh Zayed Road)

Service Offered by Salik

Some of the popular services that you can avail from the official Salik website and the Smart Salik app are: 

  • Salik Tag Purchase

  • Recharge a Salik Account

  • Register and Activate a Salik Tag

  • Add a New Vehicle to Salik Account

  • Amend Salik Account Data

  • Exemption from Salik Fees

  • Disputing Salik Violations

  • Removing a Vehicle from Salik Account

  • Salik Monthly Account Statement

  • Pay Salik Fines

Recharge Channels for Salik Tags

You can use the following channels (banks, kiosks and smart applications) to top up your Salik accounts: 

Smart Applications:

  • Smart Salik App

  • Dubai Drive App

  • Dubai Now Smart App

Salik Kiosks and Cash Deposit Machines (CDM)

Salik Kiosks and Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) are conveniently located throughout the UAE. To find their respective positions, you may either click on the provided link to access their locations or utilize the RTA Smart Drive App (available on iOS and Android) for direct navigation.

Locations for Salik Kiosks


You can also recharge your Salik tag using one of the banks listed below. Please note that some banks may charge an additional fee for a recharge. 

  • Emirates NBD

  • Dubai Islamic Bank  

  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank  

  • Commercial Bank of Dubai  

  • CitiBank

  • First Abu Dhabi Bank

  • Mashreq Bank


  • Sharjah Islamic Bank  

  • Standard Chartered Bank 

  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

  • Al Hilal Bank

  • Ajman Bank

  • United Arab Bank  

  • National Bank of Umm Al-Qaiwain


Frequently Asked Questions

To access Salik toll gates immediately after obtaining your Salik tag, you must activate it through one of the methods such as the Salik website, Smart Salik App, Dubai Now, Dubai Drive, or Salik Self Service on Salik Call Centre at 800 Salik (72545). This activation step is essential to prevent any violations.

No, Salik tags are non-transferable. Each vehicle must have its own dedicated tag.

Yes, you can start using Salik toll gates once you receive an SMS confirming the successful payment for your tag. Upon receiving your tag, be sure to install it correctly on your windshield to avoid any violations.

No, there is no need to submit any documents for online tag purchases. Simply provide the necessary vehicle details from the Vehicle Registration Card to complete the purchase.

If you are visiting from another country with your own vehicle, it is mandatory to purchase a Salik tag.

No, you do not need to manually activate your Salik tag if you have received an SMS confirming the successful payment. However, it is important to install the tag correctly on your windshield upon receiving it to ensure compliance and avoid violations.

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