SAAED Traffic System Services in the UAE

Last updated on : 27 Feb 2024
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Hardly a day goes by in the Emirates without seeing a SAAED patrol on the roads, whether it is responding to a traffic accident or organizing traffic, but did you know that SAAED services are not limited to responding to traffic accidents and organizing traffic? Join us in this article to learn more about SAAED Traffic Systems in the UAE, which was developed over 15 years to provide innovative, smart, integrated, and sustainable solutions and services in the field of electronic traffic services.

What is SAAED?

SAAED was established in 2008 in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to offer innovative solutions in various sectors including parking, traffic management, various inspection services and smart systems. The organization offers a range of traffic services to regulate road accidents and raise traffic safety awareness. It also seeks to collaborate with international firms, organizations, and research centers to keep SAAED’s systems at par with the most sophisticated traffic systems in the world.

SAAED's Services

SAAED's services are not limited to providing traffic services or regulating roads and transportation, but it also provides various traffic services that continuously regulate roads and accidents and raise traffic safety through its expertise, whilst utilizing the latest technologies and practices. It’s services can be broadly categorized under the following heads:

  1. Reconstruction of minor traffic accidents

  2. Managing and organizing traffic during events

  3. First responder services

  4. Escort services and traffic safety

  5. School transport management

  6. Smart Parking Services

  7. Smart solutions

  8. Inspection Services like Taqeem

  9. SAEED Service Centre's (Tasheel and Tawjeeh)

SAAED provides technical solutions and modern smart systems in the areas of traffic, security and inspection systems. SAAED uses the following technologies in all its products:

• Smart gates to enhance security capabilities

• Smart patrols equipped with the latest technologies and systems

• Design and development of command control centers and operations rooms equipped with modern systems and technologies

• Use of smart robots

• Providing smart kiosks, self-service machine, and interactive screens to provide electronic services

How SAAED Responds in the Case of Accidents

When you are involved in an accident, SAAED offers quick support. All you need to do is follow these steps:

• Call the police at 999 and report the incident

• The police will send a SAAED patrol within 15 minutes to complete the basic formalities and a SAAED expert will determine the responsibilities of all the parties involved using an advanced electronic system.

• SAAED’s designated expert(s) explains the report and lists out the reasons leading to the accident and how to avoid it in the future.

• If all parties accept the report, the expert shall hand over to the concerned parties a receipt indicating the date of the accident, its place of occurrence, the license plate number of the vehicle, and the number of the accident report ID, to make it easier for all those affected to review the process.

• If one of the parties' objects to the outcome of the report, the matter is referred to the police.

• Thanks to the advanced SAAED systems, the accident report is sent directly to the concerned insurance companies electronically. The report can also be viewed through the SAAED website.

SAAED’s Contact Number

You can seek immediate assistance from SAAED by calling their toll-free number 800 72233.

SAAED Traffic System Branches in the UAE

SAAED Traffic Systems in the Emirates has many branches in the country, and the following is the contact information for each emirate:

  • SAAED Abu Dhabi 

      Level 3, Injazat Building, Mohammed Bin Zayed - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

  • SAAED Dubai 
      Ibn Battuta Mall - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Jebel Ali Village - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • SAEED Umm Al Quwain
       Al-Madar Area 3 - King Faisal Street, near Al-Futtaim Agency -Umm Al Quwain - United Arab Emirates

Frequently Asked Questions 

You can find and review accident reports on by clicking on ‘Accident Report’ on the right-hand side panel. You will be required to enter the report ID to retrieve the info.

You can pay SAAED fines through the Emirates Vehicle Gate website or via the respective police website or app, where your vehicle is registered.

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