RTA Services for Commercial Licence Plates

Last updated on : 06 May 2024
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The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai plays a pivotal role in regulating transportation across the city, managing road networks, public transport, and enforcing transportation-related regulations. Among its diverse services, RTA offers specialized assistance for commercial vehicles through the issuance and renewal of commercial license plates, facilitating seamless and lawful operations for businesses in the transportation industry.

RTA Commercial License Plate Application:

To legally utilize vehicles for commercial purposes, businesses can acquire commercial license plates through the RTA. This service ensures compliance with regulations, allowing for smooth operations within the transportation sector. Here's a comprehensive overview of the application process:

Required Documents

  • Official company letter in Arabic

  • Trade license and its copy

  • Association Memorandum

  • A partners' list

Service Procedure

Via RTA Website:

  • Log in with your username and password.

  • Choose the desired plates

  • Apply for a commercial licence plate.

  • Verify insurance coverage for the selected plate number.

  • Confirm identity through the UAE Pass.

  • Pay the required fees.

  • Collect vehicle ownership and plates at the customer happiness centre.

Via Customer Happiness Centre:

  • Approach the front desk employee.

  • Receive a service link.

  • Upload necessary documents through the provided link.

  • Obtain a transaction code.

  • Provide the transaction code to finalize the service process, review, and electronically sign the application.

  • Settle the required fees.

  • Obtain the vehicle ownership and commercial plate.

Service Fees

  • AED 150 (service fees)

  • +AED 20 (Knowledge and Innovation fees)

Terms and Conditions

  • RTA assigns commercial plates to major dealerships and accredited showrooms.

  • The Licensing Agency (LA) determines plate numbers after reviewing requests.

  • Authorization for signing on behalf of the company is required.

  • Clearance of all Dubai traffic fines is a prerequisite.

  • Plate numbers are exclusive to the owning company.

Commercial Licence Plate Renewal Services:

To extend the ownership of a commercial plate, businesses can utilize RTA's renewal services. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Required Documents

  • Company's official letter

  • Emirates ID copy

  • Trade licence copy

  • Commercial plate insurance

  • Authorization of the signature by the designated representative

Service Procedure

Via RTA Website:

  • Log in to the RTA official website.

  • Navigate to 'Licensing Services.'

  • Select 'Renew a Commercial Licence Plate.'

  • Enter plate details and upload necessary documents.

  • Pay required fees using a credit card.

  • Choose a centre to return old plates and collect new ones.

  • Receive ownership certificate and receipts electronically.

Via Customer Happiness Centres or Vehicle Registration and Inspection Centres:

  • Visit a customer happiness centre or vehicle inspection centre.

  • Follow similar steps as applying for a new commercial licence plate.

Service Fees

  • AED 150 (service fees)

  • +AED 20 (Knowledge and Innovation fees)

Terms and Conditions

  • Clear all traffic fines before availing the service.

  • Ensure annual plate replacement with the same number.

  • Re-registration terms apply for expired vehicle ownership.

Choose from the following centres for plate exchange:

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