Renting a Sports Car in Dubai

Last updated on : 06 May 2024
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Dubai's extravagant lifestyle, featuring breathtaking skyscrapers and exclusive supercars, is a sight to behold. Whether you're a resident flaunting high-end wheels or a visitor opting to rent a favorite luxury or sports car, exploring the City of Gold behind the wheel is an unparalleled experience.

Should you harbor dreams of navigating Dubai in a top-tier sports car, this comprehensive guide unveils the requisites, procedures, and associated costs.Prerequisites for Sports Car Rental in Dubai

1. Minimum Age

The minimum age for sports car rentals may vary, typically hovering around 25 years, as opposed to the standard 21 years for regular vehicles.

2. Registered Driving License

A UAE driving license held for at least a year is a must. Alternatively, an international, GCC, or European driving license allows sports car rental on a UAE visit visa.

3. Insurance Policy

Mandatory car insurance safeguards against unforeseen damages, covering areas like personal item loss, breakdowns, theft of car keys, and various damages.

4. Security Deposit

Prospective renters must be aware of the substantial security deposit, ranging from AED 5,000 to AED 20,000, payable upon agreement. The deposit, held on your credit card, is released upon vehicle return.

5. Required Documents

For UAE Residents:

  • UAE ID card

  • UAE driving license

  • Credit card in your name

For Visitors:

  • Valid driving license from your country

  • Credit card in your name

  • Copy of your passport

  • Entry stamp in your passport for Tourist Visa

Responsibilities as a Renter

  • Drive cautiously and return the sports car in its original condition.

  • Adhere to traffic rules to avoid fines.

  • Keep your driving license with you at all times.

  • Refrain from using the vehicle for motorsports.

  • Understanding Company Policies

  • Before finalizing your sports car rental, thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the rental company. Visit their website to scrutinize listed policies, including daily, monthly, and weekly packages for comparison.


Sports car rentals are confined to Dubai, and renters are not permitted to drive outside the emirate. Notify the rental company in advance if you plan to venture beyond Dubai.

Notable Sports Car Rental Companies in Dubai

Explore customer reviews on Google before selecting a rental company. Some reputable options include Paddock Rent a Car, Rent My Ride, Superior Car Rental, XCar Rental, and Master Key Rent a Car.

Cost Breakdown

Sports car rental costs vary, with a security deposit ranging from AED 5,000 upwards. Here's a glimpse of daily rental rates for select models:

Ferrari F8 Tributo 2020: AED 6,000

Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe LP740 2017: AED 5,500

Rolls Royce Dawn 2020: AED 4,000

Porsche 911 Turbo S 2020: AED 3,500

McLaren 570S Spyder 2018: AED 3,300

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age requirement is 25 years or above.

Security deposits range from AED 5,000 to AED 20,000, depending on the car's value.

For UAE residents: Emirates ID, driving license, and a credit card in your name. For visitors: passport, credit card, entry stamp for Tourist Visa, and a valid driving license.

In conclusion, carefully scrutinize your rental agreement and explore various luxury car rental options in Dubai. Stay tuned to the UAE's premier auto blog for the latest on buying or renting cars in Dubai and beyond.

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