Is Car Towing Service Covered by Car Insurance in the UAE?

Last updated on : 11 Jul 2024
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Car insurance is a contract that obligates you to pay a certain amount to the insurance company in exchange for covering the financial losses that may result from road accidents or damages that may occur to your car. But did you know that there is an important service that you may need in case your car breaks down or is involved in an accident? It's the towing service, which is a service that transports your car to the nearest service center, repair workshop, or safe location. However, is car towing service covered by car insurance in the UAE? Car insurance in the UAE? What are the conditions, benefits, and costs associated with it?

What is the towing service?

The towing service is a service provided by specialized companies to transport disabled or damaged cars from the accident scene to another location. These companies use trucks equipped with special tools and equipment to lift and tow cars safely and quickly. These companies provide their services around the clock and throughout the Emirates.

The importance of towing service after accidents or breakdowns

Imagine, your journey on one of the roads of the UAE ends with a sudden accident, perhaps a minor collision or a sudden breakdown. Your car stops moving, and the worry increases as the cars behind you increase. Here comes the car towing service from car accidents, like the invisible hero who rescues you from this predicament.

Safety and peace of mind: The towing service provides peace of mind, as you are not forced to wait long or try to find a towing solution yourself, especially during the intense heat that dominates most days of the year in the UAE.

Speed and efficiency: Insurance companies that provide towing services usually have a wide network of towing trucks, which means quick arrival at the accident scene and safe transport of your car to the appropriate maintenance center.

Avoiding violations: Staying on the road with a disabled car obstructs traffic flow and increases the risk of other accidents, violates traffic laws, so towing saves you from those potential troubles and violations.

Is car towing service covered by insurance?

Many insurance companies in the UAE provide towing service for car accidents or emergency breakdowns within some insurance documents, but it depends on several factors:

Type of insurance: Towing service is usually included in comprehensive insurance and not in third-party insurance.

Insurance package: Some companies offer different levels of coverage within comprehensive insurance, with varying numbers of available towing services in the package.

Company policy: The terms and conditions of the towing service vary between insurance companies, so be sure to carefully read your document to know the details and restrictions.

What are the conditions related to the towing service?

If you have comprehensive insurance that includes towing service, you should consider the conditions that the insurance company may impose, which of course vary from one company to another, such as:

  • The car must be disabled or damaged in a way that prevents it from moving or driving.

  • The car must be in a place that allows safe and easy access and towing.

  • The car must be registered in your name and covered by comprehensive insurance.

  • You must contact the insurance company and inform them of the accident and your location and request towing service.

Tips to ensure the activation of towing service

Read the insurance document:

Make sure to read the terms related to the towing service, including the number of free towing times, the covered distance, and any exceptions that may apply.

Contact Shory:

In case of an accident, contact Shory and inform us about the accident and request towing service immediately.

Wait for the towing team:

Do not try to move your car yourself but wait for the towing team in a safe place on the roadside.

Provide necessary information:

Make sure to provide the towing team with the accident location, a simple description of the damage, and any other details they may need.

In conclusion

Car towing service from accidents provides peace of mind and an effective solution to a difficult situation after an accident. By choosing the right insurance package and knowing the coverage terms, you can ensure that you get this service when needed. Remember, safe driving is the best thing you can do to avoid accidents, but comprehensive insurance with towing service provides you with the necessary safety to face unexpected situations on the roads of the UAE.

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