Insurance for High Performance Cars in the UAE

Last updated on : 01 May 2024
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Owning a high performance car in the UAE is an exciting experience. These extraordinary machines offer unmatched speed and luxury. But let’s not forget that they require specific insurance coverage. In this guide we will explore what defines high performance cars, highlight their unique insurance needs and provide a comprehensive list of some of the best car insurance plans available at

What are High Performance Cars? 

High performance cars are vehicles engineered for exceptional speed, agility, and power. They are equipped with cutting edge technology and top of the line components to deliver performance. Examples of such vehicles include supercars, sports cars, and luxury vehicles from renowned manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche Aston Martin etc. 

Insurance Coverage Needs for High Performance Cars - How’s that Different from Regular Cars?   

Due to their distinct characteristics like powerful engines, higher value, pricier makes etc, high performance cars require high coverage or sometimes custom-tailored insurance policies. 

Here is a list of the key differentiating factors that make insuring high-performance cars a bit different from the regular ones:

1. Higher Market Value

High performance cars are typically more expensive than regular vehicles with a substantial market value. The insurance policy must cover the full value of the vehicle in case of theft, total loss or damage. That’s why the insurance may be a bit unique for the high-end cars.  

2. Increased Repair Costs

Repairs and maintenance for high performance cars can be considerably pricier compared to regular vehicles. So, if you happen to own an expensive vehicle, look for insurance plans that cover repair costs including repair costs for specialized parts and labor charges.

3. Enhanced Liability Coverage

High performance cars tend to be driven at higher speeds which increases the risk of accidents. That’s why the plans are required to have sufficient liability coverage to protect against potential damages and injuries caused to self and third parties.

4. Agreed Value Coverage

Insurers in the UAE offer "agreed value" coverage where both parties agree upon the cars' value at policy inception. This guarantees that you receive the agreed upon amount in case of a claim which may be higher than the cars' depreciated value.

5. Expensive Spare Parts

The components utilized in high performance cars are designed to enhance performance and are typically constructed from costly materials. As a result, the expenses for repairing these parts are higher. This additional factor contributes to the higher premiums associated with insuring this category of cars. Due to the elevated costs involved in purchasing and maintaining these cars, relying solely on a car insurance with basic coverage is evidently insufficient.

Some of the Best Insurance Plans for High Performance Cars in the UAE

By understanding these unique needs of high-performance cars and selecting appropriate insurance coverage options that are in line with your requirements you can fully enjoy the luxury they offer while ensuring protection and peace of mind on the roads. To ensure optimum protection and convenience for your high-performance car, you can visit our quotes page to take a look at the best policies offered by the top insurance companies in the UAE. 

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