How to Use Shory AI

Last updated on : 16 Apr 2024
3 min read

Shory AI is your personalized insurance assistant on Shory app, geared to share with you the latest and the best happening in the insurance industry. In this blog, we'll explore how Shory AI changes the whole insurance-buying experience, by proving to be a great help tool ready to resolve all your insurance related queries. It is your go-to companion for obtaining car insurance related info in the UAE. It gives you a glimpse into official quotes from our insurance partners in just one prompt. With Shory AI, you don’t have to juggle between multiple websites. It simplifies your search, ensuring you get the best deal effortlessly - all of this is done almost instantly. 

How to Interact with Shory AI? 

Engaging with Shory AI is as simple as initiating a conversation with a friend. Ask questions, seek advice, and let Shory AI guide you through the intricacies of insurance.

Some commonly asked questions by our users are: 

  1. How can you help me find the best insurance for my car?

  2. What are the key features of the car insurance policies offered through Shory?

  3. Can you tell me more about the comprehensive coverage option?

  4. Can Shory AI provide information about all the insurance-related topics?

  5. How do I file a claim with Shory, and is it a complicated process?

  6. What are the payment options available for purchasing insurance through Shory?

  7. Can Shory AI provide information about Shory Aber car insurance?

  8. How does Shory ensure the transparency of its pricing?

  9. Tell me about Shory's partners. Are they reputable insurance companies?

  10. Can you recommend the most budget-friendly insurance option for my car?

  11. What information do I need to have on hand to get an instant car insurance policy?

  12. I'm not sure about the difference between comprehensive and third-party coverage. Can you explain?

  13. If my car gets a speeding ticket in Saudi Arabia, does Shory have coverage for that?

If you have one of these or similar queries, Shory’s AI will prove to be your know-it-all, 24x7 available, smart assistant for all things insurance.  


Shory AI, as an integral part of, is more than an assistant; it's your key to a seamless and futuristic insurance experience. Simplifying insurance through technology, Shory AI is committed to providing real-time insights, ensuring transparency in the insurance purchase process along with offering comprehensive services, all designed to prioritize your needs above everything else.

Remember, for detailed product information or specific features from our insurer partners, feel free to connect with our live chat or call 800 SHORY (74679). Shory AI is here to elevate your insurance journey, ensuring clarity, simplicity and genuine care every step of the way.

Disclaimer: Shory aims to present accurate and up to date information, however we take no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content.