Dubai Car Insurance: Unlocking the Secrets for Complete Coverage!

Last updated on : 29 Apr 2024
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Dubai boasts an impressive automotive culture that perfectly complements its opulent lifestyle and breathtaking skyline. For car owners in Dubai, one aspect that should never be overlooked is car insurance. However, delving into the realm of car insurance can feel overwhelming if you are not well versed in the process. 

In order to assist you in making an informed decision. We have compiled a comprehensive list of everything you need to know before purchasing car insurance in Dubai. Additionally, we will introduce you to our exclusive benefits and explain how buying car insurance from simplifies the entire experience. Let's now venture into the world of Dubai car insurance together!

Type of Coverage

In order to fully understand car insurance options, it's important to first understand the types of car insurance available in Dubai, they are - Comprehensive and Third Party Coverage. Comprehensive policies protect your vehicle against theft, damage, and accidents. While third party policies only cover damages or injuries to other parties involved in an accident. It is important to carefully evaluate your needs and financial capabilities before choosing the appropriate coverage. 

Consider the Value of Your Car 

When selecting car insurance remember to consider your car’s current market value. This is the maximum amount an insurance company will pay in the event of a total loss or theft of your vehicle. The value of a car represents its current market price and decreases annually due to depreciation. It is crucial to ensure that the plan you opt for adequately covers the value of your car. 

Add-ons for an Added Layer of Security  

Car insurance providers in Dubai offer different types of add-ons to improve the basic coverage, whether it's a TPL plan or a Comprehensive plan. These additional coverage options include roadside assistance and car rental services. Before you opt for add-ons, it is recommended that you assess your requirements and determine which add-ons are essential to cover your driving habits, vehicle and lifestyle.

Check the Network of Garages

It is important to check the network of garages affiliated with the insurance provider. This is to make sure that the list includes reputable and conveniently located garages where you can avail repairs and get your car serviced when needed. Having a garage located in your vicinity saves you the hassle of commuting long distances should your vehicle need repairs.

No Claims Discount

Make the most of your No Claim discount that insurance providers offer as an incentive to policyholders who do not file any claims during the policy tenor. Also known as NCB, this bonus can significantly reduce your premium upon policy renewal. The terms and conditions for availing NCB may vary significantly depending upon the provider, so will the eligibility and benefits.

Insurance Provider's Reputation

It is important to buy motor insurance in Dubai from a credible provider only, to make the most of your investment. has partnered with some of the most reliable insurance providers in the region to ensure a positive buying and claim experience. So, when you choose to buy an insurance policy from us, you get instant access to a carefully curated selection of the best plans available from top providers. You can trust that we have already done the legwork for you, sparing you the time and effort of sifting through countless provider profiles and assessing their reliability. 

Compare Quotes

Compare car insurance quote's, from different insurance providers to bag the best deals. At, you can easily go to our quotes page and take a look at all the plans to select one that's most suitable for your requirements. A quick comparison allows you to get a glimpse of coverage options, premiums and add-ons that may be useful in making an informed insurance buying decision in Dubai.

Go Through the Policy Exclusions and Limitations

You're recommended to pay attention to the policy exclusions and limitations before finalizing your car insurance purchase. It is important to see if there are any geographical or off-roading restrictions in the policy. If you're aware of the limitations of a vehicle insurance plan, then you're better prepared to dodge any unpleasant experiences at the time of filing a claim.  

Seek Support from Professionals

If you're new to buying vehicle insurance in Dubai, consider seeking professional advice from our clever tool Shory AI, or from our expert team. Our team of professional ambassadors are trained to guide you through the whole buying process. You can even seek help for understanding policy terms and conditions and policy wordings. You'll be provided personalized options based on your unique circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Car insurance in Dubai is transferable from one owner to another at the time of sale of a car. However, this is heavily dependent on your insurance provider and some providers may restrict such transfers.

You can file a vehicle insurance claim simply by submitting a police report and necessary documents through your Shory dashboard.

Car insurance in Dubai is a contract between the buyer and the insurance provider, meant to offer financial protection to the insured vehicle against thefts and accidents.

The cost of a motor insurance policy can greatly vary based on a variety of factors such as - the type of plan, cost of the car, applicant’s driving history and age along with any previous insurance claims. All these factors contribute to determining the cost of car insurance online in Dubai

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