Commercial Vehicle Insurance for UAE Entry with Shory Aber for Business

Last updated on : 27 Feb 2024
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Are you managing a fleet of vehicles that frequently travel between Saudi Arabia and the UAE through the Al Ghuwaifat border? If so, you understand the importance of ensuring that each vehicle is properly insured. Shory Aber for Business is here to simplify the process for you. In this guide, we'll show you how to effectively insure your fleet of commercial vehicles using our platform, making your journeys seamless and stress-free.

Why Should You Consider Shory Aber for Business for Fleet Vehicle Insurance?

At Shory Aber for Business, we recognize that managing a fleet comes with its own set of challenges, and insurance is a critical component of that. Here's why our platform is the ideal choice for insuring your fleet:

Single or Multiple Policies: Shory Aber allows you to insure not only a single commercial vehicle but an entire fleet. Whether you have one vehicle, a dozen or a few hundred, you can easily purchase multiple policies under one company or distribute them among different companies within your fleet.

Online Registration: Register on the Shory Aber for Business platform by providing all necessary details about your vehicles and your company. Once you’re logged in, the process is simple - ‘click to buy’ steps based. With our smart dashboard, you can manage all your insurance policies and have a clear visibility of policy expiration and other relevant details. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Insuring Your Fleet with Shory Aber

1. Register on Shory Aber: Begin by registering your fleet on the Shory Aber for Business platform. Provide accurate information about your vehicles and your company to get started.

2. Select Insurance Coverage: Shory Aber offers a range of insurance options to suit your fleet's needs. Choose the coverage that aligns with your requirements, ensuring your vehicles are protected in the UAE.

3. Purchase Multiple Policies: Here's where Shory Aber for Business truly shines. Depending on the size and structure of your fleet, you can purchase multiple policies under one company or allocate them to different companies within your fleet. 

4. Payment: You can pay using cards of your choice or use Shory wallet to make the payments instantly and avoid the hassles of using your cards.

5. Obtain Digital Insurance Documents: Once you've completed the purchase process, you'll receive digital insurance documentation immediately along with a QR code. No more waiting for paperwork to arrive in the mail – you're ready to hit the road.

Benefits of Fleet Vehicle Insurance with Shory Aber

  • In-App QR Codes: Each policy you purchase comes with its own in-app QR code. These QR codes serve as proof of insurance for each vehicle in your fleet.

  • Enjoy a Seamless Entry: At the Al Ghuwaifat border, simply present the in-app QR codes for each insured vehicle. This allows you to skip the queues and streamline the entry process for your entire fleet.

  • Customized Coverage: Tailor your insurance coverage to suit the unique needs of each vehicle in your fleet.

  • Efficiency and Time Saving: Our online platform and in-app QR codes eliminate paperwork and long waits at the border, ensuring your fleet's journey is efficient and timely.

  • Comprehensive Support: Shory Aber's online support team is available to assist you at every step of the way, ensuring you have the support you need when insuring your fleet.


Managing a fleet of vehicles traveling between Saudi Arabia and the UAE can be complex, but insuring them doesn't have to be. Shory Aber for Business simplifies fleet vehicle insurance, offering you the flexibility to insure one commercial vehicle or an entire fleet, all on one platform.

By following this guide, you can ensure that each vehicle in your fleet is properly insured, allowing for a seamless entry into the UAE from Saudi Arabia. Choose Shory Aber for peace of mind and efficiency when it comes to UAE entry fleet vehicle insurance. Your fleet's safety and success begin with us!

Disclaimer: Shory aims to present accurate and up to date information, however we take no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content.