Car Insurance Guide 2024: Save & Drive Secure in the UAE

Last updated on : 27 Feb 2024
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Car Insurance in the UAE

In the busy streets of the UAE, where every journey is a unique experience, ensuring the right car insurance is crucial. understands its buyers’ needs, and that’s why we’ve compiled this information that can be used as a reference point for purchasing car insurance in the UAE. Let's delve into the details of car insurance to guide you on the road to protection.

Understanding Car Insurance Requirements in the UAE

The first question that pops-up in any buyer’s mind is, ‘What car insurance do I need?’ Selecting the right car insurance in the UAE can sometimes feel overwhelming considering the number of options available in the market. At Shory, you’ll get a range of options tailored to your preferences and driving habits. You may select from a variety of third-party or comprehensive car insurance policies to ensure compliance with regulations and adequate protection. 

You must also be thinking that visiting different insurance offices for purchasing car insurance is a tedious task but with Shory’s app and website, the whole purchase process can be completed online in just a few seconds. Our user-friendly website and app streamline the entire online purchase process, ensuring a seamless and paperless experience.

At Shory, you can discover competitive rates for third-party and comprehensive car insurance, colloquially also known as full car insurance, available at affordable prices without any kind of compromise on coverage. We have cost-effective insurance solutions available at budget-friendly rates.

By now you must also be wondering what is the best type of car insurance? Well, frankly, an insurance plan that caters to your vehicle’s needs and provides adequate coverage is the best type of car insurance for you. Let’s explore the types of car insurance plans that you may consider fulfilling your needs: 

Comprehensive Car Insurance - What is it?


Comprehensive car insurance is generally a strong protection against a variety of risks that you may face as a driver on the roads. Unlike basic third-party coverage, comprehensive insurance extends its protection beyond collisions, usually covering additional damages from theft, natural disasters, vandalism, and more. It's your all-encompassing safety guard when buying vehicle insurance. When you purchase your comprehensive car insurance from Shory, you have the option to choose from a variety of plans, including takaful insurance options as well. 

Why Choose Comprehensive Car Insurance?

While a basic car insurance cover (third-party insurance) focuses on third-party car and property damages only, comprehensive insurance takes a more holistic approach, by safeguarding your own vehicle as well, often in a Sharia compliant way. 

A Comprehensive car insurance policy is more tuned to covering your finances as compared to TPL since the protection offered is more holistic in nature. 

How to Buy Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Getting a car insurance policy is now easier than ever with As a game-changer in the UAE’s insurance scene, offers a seamless, paperless process. With a user-friendly app and an online platform, getting comprehensive coverage has never been more accessible. You can visit our quote’s page to get instant policies, 24x7.

Difference Between Comprehensive Car Insurance and Full Coverage Car Insurance

Both the terms sound similar and indeed they are. Comprehensive car insurance is the formal term while ‘Full Coverage Car Insurance’ or ‘Full Beema’ are also often used terms. Comprehensive car insurance in Dubai or Full Coverage Car Insurance cover a broad spectrum of risks for self and the third-party, usually in a Sharia compliant way. 

Difference Between Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third-Party Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance goes beyond the basics, providing coverage for damages to your vehicle, no matter who’s at fault. On the flip side, third-party car insurance is meant to only cover liabilities arising towards a third party in case of a road accident and therefore does not cover damages caused to your own vehicle if you were deemed to be the ‘at fault’ claimant. 

Which is Better - Third-Party or Comprehensive Car Insurance? 

The answer to this often asked question depends on the type of coverage you’re looking for. If you're looking for a more rounded cover that safeguards your vehicle against various risks, comprehensive car insurance is the way to go. However, if you're on a budget and primarily concerned about third-party liabilities, third-party car insurance might suffice. It's about figuring out your requirements from a plan and then opting for one that suits your needs the best.

How to Select the Best Car Insurance? 

Selecting the best car insurance means weighing your options accurately, and here's where shines. We offer more than just policies; we offer a commitment to hassle-free, instant insurance that can be bought anytime, anywhere. With a paperless process and an intuitive app, Shory redefines convenience. With us, you can choose an insurance partner that fulfills your requirements and falls within your budget.

How Does Car Insurance Work in the UAE?

The whole concept of insurance is based on ensuring financial safety to the subscribers of relevant plans that are often Sharia compliant. In the case of car insurance, your insurance provider steps in to cover the costs arising out of an accident. From repair bills to medical expenses, everything may be covered depending on the type of plan you’ve chosen.


Car insurance in the UAE isn't just a legal mandate, it’s a safety net for your finances that ensures peace of mind in case of mishaps. Whether you opt for the extensive coverage of comprehensive insurance or the budget-friendly approach of third-party insurance, you must make an informed decision that also meets with your beliefs. And if you need any assistance in doing so, Shory will be your trusted ally on the road to hassle-free insurance.