Abu Dhabi Car Registration Renewal

Last updated on : 05 Jun 2024
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Renewing your vehicle's registration is a must in the UAE, ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy and safe. If you’re an Abu Dhabi resident, then you can relax since the renewal process is seamless and available both in-person at service centers and online. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to renew your car registration in Abu Dhabi using some of the most convenient and accessible methods.

How to renew car registration online in Abu Dhabi?

The Abu Dhabi government has facilitated digital services to simplify the process of vehicle registration renewal online in a bid to save time and efforts. You can consider the following ways to renew your registration conveniently. 

By Logging on to the TAMM Website

TAMM is a unified platform that offers direct access to all the Abu Dhabi government services, all in one place. Citizens, residents, and visitors in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi can submit applications for a variety of services, track applications and communicate with government agencies electronically via TAMM’s website and app. You can also check the expiration date of your car’s registration and even renew it by following just a few simple steps listed below. 

  • Login to your TAMM account.

  • In the ‘Individual Services’ tab, click ‘Drive and Transport’.

  • Select ‘Request to Renew Vehicle License’ on the next page.

  • Fill in the required information, upload documents like - Car Registration Card, Emirates ID, Passport and Vehicle Insurance Policy.

  • Pay using your credit /debit card and confirm.

  • The maximum fee for renewal is AED 1000 the minimum fee is AED 120, depending on the category of vehicle, weight and make. 

UAE Ministry of Interior Website

The Ministry of Interior website provides many e-services, including inquiries about the expiration of car registration in Abu Dhabi and car registration renewal as well. You can just follow a few simple steps on the MOI website and app to renew your car registration online in Abu Dhabi.

  • Login to the UAE Ministry of Interior Website.

  • Click on ‘Vehicle Ownership Renewal’.

  • Fill in the application data.

  • Insert attachments (if any).

  • Pay the fee if applicable.

Sahl - Smart Kiosks

Sahl kiosks are located at various integrated service centers like TAMM and ADNOC. These easy points of contact offer hassle-free services including registration renewal. Sahl kiosks can be used for paying off traffic fines as well as renewing vehicle registration by following these simple steps.

  • Insert your Emirates ID in the kiosk.

  • You’ll see a list of all the all the vehicles registered with your ID.

  • Select the vehicle for registration renewal.

  • Fill out the details.

  • Enter your payment details to renew the registration successfully.

Key Factors To Consider Before Starting the Registration Process

1. Clear Outstanding Fines: Start with settling any outstanding fines. Renewing your car's registration requires you to have a clean slate. You can easily pay traffic fines in Abu Dhabi through multiple electronic avenues such as the Ministry of Interior website, the TAMM platform, or the Emirates Vehicle Gate - EVG, before starting the renewal process.

2. Technical Inspection: It’s important that you get your vehicle's roadworthiness inspected before starting the registration renewal process. The technical examination can be conducted at one of the ADNOC centers to get a Vehicle Test Certificate. Trained specialists examine crucial components to ensure safety and performance and upon passing, you’ll receive a VTC confirming your vehicle's fitness for the road.

3. Vehicle Insurance: Following a successful technical inspection, it's important to make sure you have valid insurance for vehicle registration renewal. Shory makes this step a breeze, providing competitive quotes from leading insurance companies. You can compare options, choose the best fit for your needs, and even opt for installment payment plans if needed.

4. Registration Renewal and Associated Fee: After securing a suitable insurance, you can start the registration renewal process and conclude it by paying the renewal fee. You may refer to the following table to get a glimpse of the applicable fee.


Vehicle Type


Private light vehicle

350 AED

Public light vehicle

350 AED

3 ton cargo vehicle

400 AED

3 ton cargo vehicle

650 AED

Special light mechanical device

500 AED

General light mechanical device

700 AED

Cargo vehicle less than 12 tons private

400 AED

Cargo vehicles of less than 12 tons

650 AED

A cargo vehicle of more than 12 tons

800 AED

Cargo vehicles over 12 tons

1,000 AED

Special heavy mechanical device

800 AED

General heavy mechanical device

1,000 AED


200 AED

Private bus - less than 27 passengers’ capacity

300 AED


Documents Required for Car Registration Renewal

To renew your car registration in Abu Dhabi, have the following list of documents ready with you:

       ·       Emirates ID or passport

       ·       Driving license

       ·       Valid car insurance certificate

       ·       The old vehicle registration card

       ·       Car inspection test certificate


Abu Dhabi has redefined the car registration renewal process by embracing technology and by increasing access points for registration. You can bid adieu to lengthy processes to clear fines, pass the technical check, secure insurance, and vehicle registration renewal. You can now have full access to renewal services through TAMM, the Ministry of Interior, Sahl kiosks and EVG website. Keep your car registration up-to-date effortlessly using the platforms listed above to get the best driving experience. 

Disclaimer: Shory aims to present accurate and up to date information, however we take no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content.