7 Things to Know About Comprehensive Car Insurance in the UAE

Last updated on : 29 Apr 2024
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Having your own set of wheels to navigate the UAE could mean convenience and freedom. So, what’s next? - Buying car insurance. But a website with overwhelming amounts of information on car insurance, along with a long list of different plans can easily dampen your excitement and leave you feeling confused about selecting the right option. In the hopes of keeping your ride safe, it’s important that you select the right motor insurance. And for that to happen, Shory.com recommends you to go through its list of top things to know about comprehensive car insurance in the UAE.

1. The Coverage - It’s a Cover All and Everything

The CI policy or comprehensive insurance policy is a more expensive plan that’s meant to cover third party liabilities as well as damages incurred to your own vehicle. The comprehensive plan is a holistic one and also covers damages related to fire, burglary, vandalism, theft and loss of belongings. In some cases, our insurers include agency repair for up to 3 years.

2. The Add-ons - To Strengthen the Plan

Add-ons are meant to further strengthen a comprehensive plan’s coverage. The add-ons may be opted for based on a driver’s personal requirements and driving habits. Some of the most popular add-ons that can take your driving experience a notch higher are- 

Personal Accident Cover for Driver and Passenger - It’s an extra layer of protection for an additional charge. Under this, the vehicle driver and the passenger are covered in return for an additional premium. 

Roadside Assistance – This is one of the most sought after covers that offers support in case of roadside breakdowns. When you opt for a roadside assistance add-on, the services offered will include tire replacement, towing assistance, breakdown recovery.

Off-road Coverage – Some insurers offer it as part of a Comprehensive insurance policy. However, in some cases you may opt for it as an add-on to keep your car protected while off-roading or dune bashing.

Natural Calamity Cover - Under this, damage caused by any natural phenomenon like a flood, tornado, hail or a hurricane is covered. 

Replacement Vehicle - This one enables you to drive a replacement car while your own is being repaired following an accident. 

Personal Effects Coverage – Protects your belongings in the car in case of theft and vandalism.

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) coverage – GCC add-on is to expand the scope of coverage. This one takes your cover across borders to all the GCC countries namely, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

3. Bonuses and Penalties You Must be Aware Of 

A clean driving record with no accidents makes you eligible for a special type of reward called a ‘No Claims Bonus’. This is an insurer’s way to reward your cautious behaviour on roads. Conversely, a marred record could lead to higher premiums on renewal of the annual comprehensive insurance plan. 

4. Buying a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

This is perhaps the easiest step to follow. Now that you have Shory.com serving in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and across the wider UAE, all you need to do is visitor website or download our easy to use app and browse through the best Comprehensive car insurance plans in UAE. Once you’ve finalized your car insurance plan, Shory.com issues your policy instantly, courtesy of its clever technology. 

5. Filing a Claim After an Accident

The filing for a claim starts immediately after an accident. If there’s a medical emergency, you’re advised to call an ambulance by dialling 998. The next step is to get a police report so that you can start filing the claim. Call 999 to contact police or fill in your details on the Dubai Police app to register the incident. You can also use the MoI UAE app, the Saeed app or the Abu Dhabi Police app to get a police report.

It’s important to note down the names and contact details of everyone involved in the accident. Photographic evidence of the mishap usually proves to be of additional support when filing a claim. 

6. Cancelling the Policy or Changing Provider

Since car insurance is mandated by the law in the UAE, it is more likely that you'll switch providers than cancel your plan altogether. Shory.com advises you to consult your provider if you choose to cancel your policy midterm since this can often attract a cancellation penalty. It's important that you're aware of cancellation fees and the notice period required for the comprehensive car insurance policy to get cancelled. 

7. Government Resources that May Be Useful

To get a holistic understanding of how comprehensive car insurance works in the UAE, it’s important to keep visiting government resources for timely updates and changes in the policies. You may want to checkout - Ministry of Interior's website, Road and Transport Authority's Website, TAMM, Dubai Police website etc. 


Disclaimer: Shory aims to present accurate and up to date information, however we take no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content.