SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Company

Last updated on : 27 Feb 2024
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SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Company

SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Company, headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a leading provider of Shari'a-compliant (Islamic) insurance solutions. Established in 1979, SALAMA has built a strong reputation as a pioneer in the Takaful insurance industry, consistently delivering innovative and ethical insurance products and services to individuals and businesses across the Middle East and beyond. With a commitment to upholding Islamic principles and values, SALAMA has become a trusted partner in risk management for its diverse clientele.


To be the preferred provider of Islamic insurance solutions globally, fostering financial security and well-being while adhering to the principles of Takaful.


To offer comprehensive and innovative Takaful solutions that protect their clients' interests, promote financial stability, and contribute to the growth of Islamic finance and ethics-driven business practices.

Insurance Products and Services:

  • Auto/Car Takaful

  • Health Takaful 

  • Family Takaful

  • General Takaful

Why Choose SALAMA?

Shari'a Compliance: All SALAMA products and services adhere to Islamic principles, ensuring that clients' financial interests are protected in a halal and ethical manner.

Financial Strength: SALAMA maintains a strong financial position, providing clients with the assurance of financial stability and prompt claims settlement.

Global Reach: With a presence in multiple countries, SALAMA offers international coverage and support.

SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Company stands as a beacon of ethical insurance, committed to serving its clients and promoting Islamic finance principles. With a legacy spanning over four decades, SALAMA is poised to continue its journey of innovation and excellence in the world of Takaful insurance.

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