Things to Know Before Buying Car Covers

Last updated on : 06 May 2024
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Things to Know Before Buying Car Covers

Awaking to find dust, dirt, or bird droppings on your beloved vehicle can be exasperating. Enter the car cover – a protective shield against scratches, dust, and debris. But what makes car covers indispensable, and how do you ensure you select the perfect one?

Advantages of Car Covers

A grubby car in the UAE can lead to fines, and in extreme cases, vehicle impoundment. Considering the substantial investment in your car, optimal protection is paramount. Car covers offer the added benefit of minimal maintenance. Let's delve into the detailed advantages:

Maintaining Cleanliness: Shielding your car from rain, sunlight, or dust storms ensures it remains immaculate. Even in a dust storm, a covered vehicle stays dust-free, offering protection against potential damage.

Preserving Windshields: Dust particles and intense sun rays can harm your car's windshield. Using a car cover is a preventive measure against windshield damage caused by scorching summer heat.

Guarding Against Scratches: A well-fitted car cover protects your car's fenders, bumpers, and exterior from unsightly scratches, offering a proactive defense against potential harm.

Preventing Corrosion: Various weather conditions can compromise your car's exterior. All-weather covers reduce the risk of corrosion and safeguard your car's paint.

Reducing Moisture: In the UAE's humid climate, high temperatures can lead to moisture inside your car, affecting visibility. Car covers play a role in keeping your car cool, thereby reducing moisture accumulation.

Choosing the Right Car Cover

Parking your car in Dubai exposes it to dust and unpredictable weather conditions. While avoiding parking under trees is advisable, car covers prove invaluable in safeguarding your vehicle. Different types, materials, and purposes characterize these covers. Let's explore them:

Types of Car Covers

Indoor Car Covers: Ideal for garage or shaded parking, these covers are lightweight and budget-friendly, providing protection in enclosed spaces.

Outdoor Car Covers: Heavier and more durable, these covers are designed to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions, protecting against UV rays and water damage.

All-Weather Car Covers: Crafted from heavy-duty material, these covers are versatile enough to endure diverse conditions, making them a suitable choice for the extreme temperatures witnessed in the UAE.

Choosing the Right Fit

Custom Fit: Tailored to specific vehicle dimensions, these covers ensure a snug fit, catering to sedans, SUVs, and crossovers.

Universal Fit: If you're unsure of your vehicle's dimensions, universal-fit covers offer a convenient solution. However, be cautious of potential looseness or tightness.

Special Car Covers: For vintage and sports cars, special covers made of durable nylon provide unique protection, albeit at a higher cost.

Selecting the Appropriate Material

Car cover prices and durability hinge on the chosen material. Here are common materials used:

Oxford: Suitable for indoor covers, it withstands various conditions but may deteriorate under harsh sunlight. It is water-resistant but not entirely waterproof.

PVC: A synthetic material offering protection against water and dust, commonly used for indoor covers. However, it is flammable and can warm up under direct sunlight.

In conclusion, investing in the right car cover ensures the longevity and pristine condition of your vehicle, safeguarding it against the elements and unforeseen mishaps.

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