Documents Required for Car Insurance in UAE

Last updated on : 16 May 2024
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Purchasing car insurance in the UAE is a vital step for every vehicle owner, ensuring financial protection and legal compliance on the road. However, the process involves navigating through a checklist of essential documents. Understanding these requirements can streamline the application, renewal, and claims processes. In this article, we'll break down the necessary documents for various stages of car insurance in the UAE, simplifying the often-intricate landscape of paperwork.

Documents Required for Car Insurance in the UAE:

When purchasing car insurance in the UAE, several documents are crucial to the process, such as:

  • Valid driving license

  • Passport and residence visa (for expatriates)

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)

  • Bank statements

  • Emirates ID (for UAE nationals)

  • Confirmation letter for GCC-specified cars

Note: When choosing as your insurance provider, the process is simplified. All you need is your Emirates ID and car plate number, eliminating the need for an extensive list of documents.

Documents Necessary for Changes in Insurance Coverage:

In scenarios where modifications to your insurance coverage are necessary, additional documents come into play:

  • Driving license (for adding a new person)

  • Registration certificate (for adding a new vehicle)

  • Proof of replacement coverage (for policy cancellation)

Documents Required for Car Insurance Renewal:

Renewing car insurance in the UAE involves providing details of previous claims, along with essential documents such as:

  • Passport or Emirates ID

  • Residence visa (for expatriates)

  • Passport-size photographs

  • Vehicle registration certificate

  • Driving license

  • Pollution test certification

  • No Claim Certificate (for claim-free years)

Documents Required for Car Insurance Claim:

When filing a car insurance claim in the UAE, different scenarios necessitate specific documentation. In cases of injury during an accident, you must inform the insurance company, along with a comprehensive assessment of the vehicle's damage. The documents required for a car insurance claim include:

  • Police report

  • Driving licenses of all involved drivers

  • Car registration certificate

  • Completed insurance claim application

  • Car Modification Certificate (if applicable)


Navigating the landscape of car insurance documentation in the UAE is essential for a seamless experience. While each stage may require specific paperwork, staying informed ensures a hassle-free process. Remember, when opting for, the need for an extensive list of documents diminishes, offering a streamlined approach to securing your car insurance. Stay covered, stay informed, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive car insurance plan.

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